You can now add your own samples to Devious Machines Texture 1.5

Devious Machines has updated its sound design plugin, Textures, to version 1.5.

Already equipped with 340 built-in sounds, the latest version is now affording users the option to import their own samples into Texture's resynthesis engine, via drag and drop from browser or DAW.

1.5 also brings in Granular, Random, Loop and Trigger modes, as well as a new drum replacement feature.

Available in VST, AU and AAX formats, Texture 1.5 is a free upgrade for existing users and until 21 April will retail for $65/£49/€57 ($106/£80/€94 thereafter). For more details and to download the demo, check out the Devious Machines website.

What’s new in Texture 1.5

  • Import your own samples and manipulate with four sampling types
  • Use your existing audio to trigger and control sample playback
  • Familiar sampler controls including Start Time, End Time, Looping
  • Transform your sounds with granular synthesis, including random mode
  • Repitch, Compress and Resynthesize your imported audio
  • Drag and Drop from your Browser, DAW or anywhere else
  • Define playback behaviour of your own samples with trigger parameters
  • Expanded control set for easy tweaking of sampling and triggering
  • More detailed audio analysis from within the onboard EQs
Simon Arblaster
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