You can download the beta of u-he’s Colour Copy delay plugin for free


u-he’s Colour Copy plugin came about by accident. This virtual analogue delay effect, which is inspired by classic bucket-brigade delays (BBD), began life as a unit called Lyrebird, which was built into the company’s Repro-1 synth. However, as work on that progressed, u-he came to the conclusion that the sound was too good not to put into a dedicated plugin.

Colour Copy promises serious smoothness. Unlike in standard digital delays, the internal samplerate is changed as you modulate or sweep the delay, and u-he says that this helps to ensure that there are no unmusical glitches.  

We got our first glimpse of Colour Copy at Superbooth 2018, praising its powerful simplicity and ability to create everything from subtle widening effects to aggressive, overdriven repeats. With the plugin in public beta, you now have the chance to try it out for yourself - you can download it from the KVR forum in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac.

The plugin’s final price will be €69, but it’s currently being offered at the introductory price of €49.