Way Huge promises indecent levels of stompbox funk from the Attack Vector Phaser and Envelope

Way Huge has unveiled a new guitar effects pedal, the Attack Vector Phaser and Envelope, and describes it in terms that suggests there might be something NSFW about a phaser and envelope filter sharing space in the same enclosure. 

Such are the levels of funk that has cooped up in that yellow enclosure, Way Huge describes it a “dangerous machine”, promising “50 shades of rude behaviour that’ll turn a pleasant cocktail party into a drunken brawl”.

Well, phaser and envelope filter does make for a heady cocktail, and if electric guitar tone could drive we would advise against it getting behind the wheel while the Attack Vector is engaged. 

Way Huge Attack Vector

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

Way Huge give you plenty of control to tease out “infinite rudeness” from this twofer. There are large dials for Speed and Range, the Speed dial controlling the rate of the phase-shifting effect while the Range sets just how wide you want that envelope filter.

There is a three-way toggle switch that allows you to use the phaser or envelope filter on their own, or, as the advertising materials suggest, together as one. 

Way Huge Attack Vector

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

Mini-dials for Feedback and Sensitivity control phaser intensity and the dynamic response of the envelope filter respectively, with a blue LED to indicate when the pedal is active – though for the guitarist who has the Attack Vector on their pedalboard while playing a cocktail party, we guess you will know the pedal is active by all the brawling drunks.

What these controls afford you is the opportunity to dial in all kinds of retro funk sounds, from gooey phaser chew, all ‘70s earthtones and rich mellow yellows, right the way through to “bee stings” and weird sci-fi guitar sounds. It is also voiced for the bass guitar, too, and all that talk of low end this and funk that and we’ll find ourselves in NSFW territory in now time. Certainly, for those looking for a one-size-fits-all solution for adding some weekend funk vibes, this looks well worth a try. The compact form factor and relative simplicity of the controls is another incentive to at it to your 'board.

The WM92 Attack Vector Phaser and Envelope is available now as part of Way Huge’s Smalls series, which means a compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks to make it a little easier to find room for it. A 9vc DC pedalboard power supply will get it going. It is priced £235. For more details, swing on over to Jim Dunlop.

Jonathan Horsley

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