Wave Alchemy’s Evolution could be the only drum machine you need

If you’re looking for a single drum machine to cover all bases then Wave Alchemy could have a contender in the form of Evolution. Featuring more than 28,000 samples, its library takes in classic drum machines, acoustic instruments, found sounds, foley and more.

Evolution enables you to use up to 12 voices in each kit preset, with each voice comprising three discrete sample layers. Layers can be mixed on an X/Y pad, and you can modulate each one individually or work on them as a group.

Further tweaks can be made in the Voice page, while effects can be applied per-voice or to the master bus. There’s also a Macro system that enables you to assign almost any parameter to each of the eight Marco knobs per voice for manual and sequenced modulation.

There are sequencing options, too. Not only can you create patterns in the Classic Sequencer, but there’s also a Global Sequencer that enables you to sequence all 12 voices together. Further fun can be had in the FX Sequencer, where the pitch, panning, effects sends and Macros of each voice can be modulated over time.

Evolution ships with more than 400 preset kits and patterns, while other features include full NKS compatibility, multi-output support, per-voice colour coding, three tape-saturated variations on the core instrument, analogue simulation, and voice and sequence randomisation.

Powered by the free Kontakt Player, Evolution runs standalone and in VST/AU/AAX formats. Its regular price is £149.95, but it’s available for £119.96 until 19 January.

Find out more on the Wave Alchemy website.

Ben Rogerson

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