Watch Tool drummer Danny Carey perform Pneuma live from drum cam footage

Last year, Tool dropped one of - if not the most - anticipated album in rock for decades, with Fear Inoculum almost rivalling the wait Guns N' Roses' imposed on fans for 2008's Chinese Democracy.

Of course, any Tool release is a treat for all instrumentalists, but Danny Carey delivered, as usual, making Fear Inoculum one of the drum albums of any genre.

With potentially years of learning to be had from his performances, it's always nice to get a glimpse of the man himself performing up-close. And drum cam footage released on stick manufacturer Vic Firth's YouTube channel this week gives us exactly that. 

Carey, performing on a Frankenstein's monster of a kit including Sonor kick and toms, Rototoms, custom Mandala pads and a custom VK V-Kast snare, weaves effortlessly through almost twelve minutes of evolving time signatures and song sections.

Watch Danny talk through his Vic Firth Signature sticks below.

Stuart Williams

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