In pictures: Tool drummer Danny Carey's custom VK Drums Snare

Tool Drummer Danny Carey's custom VK Drums Snare
Tool Drummer Danny Carey's custom VK Drums Snare (Alan Van Kleef)

UK drum builder Alan Van Kleef’s VK Drums are something very special. 

Having started selling his creations in 2012, Alan has quickly amassed a high-calibre clientele and an impeccable reputation amongst of those in the know, including Steve Gadd, Ian Paice, Thomas Lang, Todd Sucherman, Matt Chamberlain, we could go on…

The latest addition to the ‘those who know’ list is Tool’s Danny Carey, who Alan recently completed an impressive build for: a 14”x8” monster snare drum, cast from solid bronze. 

As demonstrated recently by VK’s VKast kit, these drums are heavy, with Danny’s snare weighing-in at a gym-worthy 18KG (just shy of 40lbs). 

 Danny Carey's snare being laser-etched

“Danny made contact through a mutual friend, [The Cult’s] John Tempesta.” Alan tells us. “John already has a titanium VK snare, but wanted another, this time a VKast Bronze. He mentioned this to Danny, and then he wanted one too!”

He continues, “Danny was very easy to work with. He was happy to let me do my thing with the request of having his alchemy logo laser-marked around the shell.”

“My VKast bronze snare is a few years of trial and error with various shell thicknesses and alloys. I now like to stick to my 5mm thickness and secret formula bronze alloy. The drum weighs around 18kg with the VKast bronze hoops on.”

Price-wise, the VKast Bronze 14”x8” will set you back £2499, with an option for adding surgical steel tube lugs adding another £100 to the price tag.

While you won’t be able to have the same graphics as Danny, VK does include custom shell and throw-off laser-etching free-of-charge.

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