Watch Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon write and record an album from scratch in one day

Music tech personalities and recording artists Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon embarked on an ambitious musical project this October: they wrote and recorded an 11-track album in just one day.

Recording under the band name First of October (named after the day of the year they take on the challenge) the pair booked themselves into a studio for a single 12-hour recording session, brought a truckload of instruments and got to work. 

The rules of the challenge dictated that each track must contain guitar, drums, bass and vocals (this year, they brought along a pedalboard to mix things up) and that whatever they come up with, they must release on streaming services afterwards.

Their efforts produced some decidedly mixed results. The first track gets off to an impressive start, with Huang crooning softly over a gentle ukelele melody, before things take a nosedive into some questionable rap-rock in track two. Whatever you think of the music, you've got to applaud their initiative. 

Check out the video below or hear the album, "Gotta Record Everything Good", on streaming services.

Matt Mullen
Tech Features Editor

I'm the Tech Features Editor for MusicRadar, working on everything from artist interviews to tech tutorials. I've been writing about (and making) electronic music for over a decade, and when I'm not behind my laptop keyboard, you'll find me behind a MIDI keyboard, carefully crafting the beginnings of another project that I'll ultimately abandon to the creative graveyard that is my overstuffed hard drive.

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