Vertex Effects unveils the Boost MKII

The Vertex Effects Boost has been a pedalboard staple for many a guitarist looking to give the front end of their guitar amplifier an almighty wallop with some transparent gain. Now, the Californian effects company has unveiled the Boost MKII.

New and improved? Vertex says so. The Boost MkII offers a similar performance, and a similarly simple setup, with +16dB of clean, transparent boost available via a single knob on the enclosure. But the MkII is 33 per cent slimmer than its predecessor, with top-mounted jacks to save you some space on your 'board.

Despite the fuss-free design, there is a lot you can do with the Boost MKII. Yes, use it to push your drive pedals and guitar amplifier into overdrive, or for a clean push for solos, but you can also position it in the effects loop and use it as a master volume, boosting your level without adding any overdrive.

Vertex Effects Boost MKII

(Image credit: Vertex Effects)

There is an 1/8-inch insert jack on the the top of the enclosure that allows you to connect a volume or expression pedal and adjust the pedal mid-performance. When the boost is disengaged, the volume pedal remains active.

The Boost MKII also practises excellent signal hygiene, using ultra-linear buffers to keep your signal tip-top no matter how many pedals are in the chain, and Vertex says it'll help reduce hiss from passive effects loops.

The Vertex Effects Boost MKII is available now, priced £/$199. See Vertex Effects for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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