Venn Audio releases V-Clip, a soft clipper plugin with saturation

V-Clip is the sequel to Free Clip, Venn Audio’s free soft clipper plugin. You’ll have to pay for this one, sadly, but you do get plenty of additional features in return.

As well as being useful as a clipping maximizer at the mastering stage, V-Clip can also be used for creative purposes - as a saturation tool, for example. It offers multiple waveform displays, fine-grain controls over positive/negative samples, DC offset and a clipping function parameter.

Check out the video above to see and hear what V-Clip can do. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and costs £25. Find out more on the Venn Audio website.

Venn Audio V-Clip features

  • Live tracing of your signal along the clipping curve for clear and transparent monitoring of your signal loudness and clipping amount.
  • Double-precision 64-bit floating-point processing supported natively and upscaled internally regardless of input.
  • Large selection of different clipping sigmoid functions to choose from.
  • Up to 256x oversampling with three different advanced polyphasic anti aliasing filter types.
  • Custom clipping mode to provide separate waveshaping for positive and negative samples plus DC offset control and filtering, allowing for unique sounding distortion with even and odd harmonics.
  • Advanced waveform visualisation and oscilloscope view.
  • Use Auto-gain or auto-ceiling to adjust for new peaks introduced by oversampling, or inter-sample peaks
  • Built in test-tone, gain matching.
Ben Rogerson

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