Unable to wall mount acoustic treatment panels? t.akustik's new absorbers might be just the thing for you

t.akustik PET Pendant Absorbers
(Image credit: t.akustik)

If you're looking to acoustically treat a space where mounting to a wall isn't a viable option, then t.akustik has come up with a solution that just might work for you.

The PET Pendant Absorbers strike the perfect balance for any space, be it a home studio or an office where mounting absorbers to the walls is not an option. 

Mounting to the ceiling via a suspension system, featuring two adjustable stainless-steel cables (each approx. 1m), the PET Pendant Absorbers can be arranged either vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements. 

The fittings are neat to provide a minimalist silhouette, stylistically, within your space and come in three different colours to help them complement the environment.

Coming in either black, silver grey or white colourways, you get two PET Pendant Absorbers in each set, alongside all the mounting equipment required for installation.

The absorbers come in three different sizes: 1200 x 300 x 25 mm (WxHxD); 1200 x 400 x 25 mm (WxHxD); 1200 x 500 x 25 mm (WxHxD). All at a thickness of 25mm. 

t.akustik's unique PET panels are dense enough to provide good absorption but also light enough to be hung, with the smallest panel coming in at just 1,64 Kg, the medium size at 2,14 Kg and the largest panel at just 2,66 Kg.

The PET Pendant Absorbers are available now from Thomann from just £95 for the 30 set, £104 for the 40 set and £11 for the 50 set. Check out the t.akustik website for even more acoustic treatment solutions.

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