Two new Floyd Rose vibrato models and expanded upgrades announced

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Floyd Rose vibratos may be divisive for guitar players but those that love them won't use anything else for very good reasons – and the company is showing no signs of resting with two new units and also some upgrade options to personalise your existing model. 

First up, those new Floyd Rose units (opens in new tab). The first is a reissue of the Floyd Rose (opens in new tab)‘Original’ finished in chrome (£175).  A non-fine-tuner vibrato system constructed from hardened steel, the ‘Original’ reissue kit contains the vintage style screw in arm, locking nut, springs, claw and wood mounting screws.  

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Next up is the Floyd Rose ‘Special’ is manufactured in Korea and uses zinc alloy saddles in place of steel and a zinc alloy sustain block in place of brass. The Floyd Rose ‘Special’ kit also contains bridge, locking nut, springs & claw, mounting studs, and all hardware necessary for installation. It's available in Satin Chrome (£135) and  Satin Black (£145).

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The company has expanded its component range with new black, green and red finishes for its noiseless vibrato springs that are coated in a polymer to eliminate possible ‘string ping’ sonic transmissions through guitar pickups.

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Floyd Rose also offers brass, chrome and black finishes for a number of components to allow players to customise their trems. 

These include nut clamping screws, clamping blocks, fine tuning screws, string retainers, string lock screws, bridge saddles and saddle screws, bridge mounting machine studs and vibrato arms.

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