The Latin Percussion Wood Tapa aims to turn your snare drum into a cajon

Percussion brand LP (Latin Percussion) has unveiled what it believes to be the ultimate snare drum hack with its brand new Wood Tapa - a percussion instrument that turns your regular 14” snare drum into a snare-cajon.

The Wood Tapa is a brand new concept, built from baltic birch ply, and offering the tonality of a cajon from any standard 14" snare or tom. Replacing your snare’s batter-side head with a 14” baltic birch playing surface, it’s held in place by the drum’s tension lugs. 

Once fitted, the Wood Tapa can be played with hands, brushes - thanks to its textured top surface - soft mallets or rods. Meanwhile the oversized, rounded edges making it more forging for hand-playing, serving-up woodsy cajon-like sounds without the need for transporting a full cajon. 

The LP Wood Tapa is available now in either 8-lug or 10-lug versions. 

Stuart Williams

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