Remix the chord progressions behind your favourite songs for free with Ripchord

(Image credit: Future)

There are a lot of MIDI plugins that aim to do everything for you, but it's refreshing to see one that keeps its remit simple. 

Trackbout's Ripchord is a free plugin that lets you play a sequence of chords using a few single notes, and its online preset sharing system opens it up to some new creative strategies. 

Using notes to play chord is simple, and the output chords can be transposed into other octaves using keyswitches. There are also strum settings (including velocity control) that help you get a more lifelike chord.

(Image credit: Future)

Ripchord works best using presets, which can be imported from the community library online. Download one from a track you like and get access to those chords across your keyboard, letting you 'remix' and play with the same chords that made it great. 

You can build your own presets or import MIDI files to detect chords automatically, and you can export them out to the community library alongside others.

Ripchord (AU/VST3) is available for free at the Trackbout website.

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