Toolroom Academy Infinite promises game-changing evolution for your transitions

Toolroom Academy has launched its first plugin, Infinite, designed by Mark Knight and James F Reynolds. It's a suite of eight pre-designed effects that offers two different workflows.

Aimed at both beginners and pros alike, Infinite combines eight effects that work best for track transitions, delivered in either a complex or a simple one-knob mode.

With the easy one-knob option, you simply dial in one of over 40 presets and start tweaking, but if you want to get under the hood then you can easily switch over to complex mode.

This more advanced mode allows you to access the individual effects, including delay, reverb, filter and more.

Each effect has been specifically tuned to work best for transitions in your tracks, thus saving you time getting the desired result in your productions.

Infinite's eight effects

  • Delay - Create your own repeating patterns that loop on and on. The digital delay offers INFINITE rhythmic possibilities, allowing you to set your own speed.
  • Crunch - Add colour to your tracks using the different saturation circuits, which are expertly modelled to allow you to add flavour and character to your most interesting moments.
  • LFO - Add movement and modulation to your track using the LFO. 
  • Reverb - The reverb unit is modelled on a ‘hall’ and will allow you to space out and diffuse your transitions. The reverb can be made as transparent or as colourful as you like.
  • White Noise - Increase the tension using the white noise knob to hype up the crowd and deliver a satisfying pay off.
  • Filter - Utilise a -24dB/Oct hi-pass and low-pass filter section to make space in anticipation of the drop.
  • Formant - Add drama to your build-ups using the formant filter. 
  • Width - Create dimensional EFX using the width parameter. 

Infinite is compatible with macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit) and Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64-bit) in VST, AU and AAX formats and is available for £39. Head over to the Toolroom Academy website for more info.

Simon Arblaster
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