Tool stream title track of long-awaited new album Fear Inoculum

Peek-a-boo! Does Adam Jones [right] have a new signature model in the line with Gibson? (Image credit: Travis Shinn)

There are long-awaited albums and there are albums such as Tool’s Fear Inoculum, which, even back in 2014, was the subject of news articles such as this about how long-awaited it was. 

Well, folks, finally: the album is done, available to pre-order, and its epic title track is now streaming below.

Oh, and on the subject of electric guitars, might Tool's pioneering guitarist Adam Jones have a new Gibson signature model in the pipeline? Let's deal with the album first.

Fear Inoculum was engineered and mixed by Joe Barresi, who collaborated with Tool on their previous studio album, 10,000 days. Twelve years have come and gone since but it is no shock to hear the Los Angeles quartet’s appetite for alternative rock/metal adventurism remains undiminished. 

Opening to soft volume swells from Jones and a sort of ‘80s, Jan Hammer-esque percussion, Fear Inoculum is all about the slow build towards a verse that gradually introduces a feintly serpentine riff.

There’s a lot to unpack. Tool’s rhythmically complex sound chastens those who rush to judgement. The hooks, and the majesty that they’re hung upon, will reveal themselves, but all in good time.

The real question is: what are the chances that Gibson will announce a signature Les Paul for Adam Jones before the full 85 minutes of Fear Inoculum is digested fully by its audience? 

In an Instagram post dated 26 July, Jones was pictured with his Gibson Custom Silverburst with the mirror on the headstock (mirrors? Very Jimmy Page), stating that “good things happening” at Gibson.” Could this be? Oh, no, this should be, surely. This is chum in the water for all gear-sharks and Jones disciples to work themselves into a frenzy about potential signature model. 

A post shared by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv)

A photo posted by on on Jul 25, 2019 at 9:33pm PDT

The smart money is that it will be a riff on his favoured Silverburst Custom Les Paul. Gibson, if you are listening, please make it so. 

We'll bring you all the news of this as and when it happens but back to the album. You can pre-order Fear Incolum here on all the usual formats. 

The limited-edition deluxe CD is something else: it comes with a four-inch HD screen, a charging cable, a 2-watt speaker, a 36-page booklet and a digital download card. Why the screen? Well that’s for screening the exclusive video footage shot and directed by Adam Jones. Incredible

That's what you get for being patient.

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