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Tone King debuts Ironman II reactive guitar amp power attenuator

Boutique guitar amp co Tone King has released the Ironman II, a 100W precision compensated reactive power attenuator that promises to reduce volume level at the speaker while allowing the amp to operate at full power.

The Ironman II packs 18 attenuation settings to adjust the amount of power sent to the speakers, while the unit absorbs the rest.

Also onboard is an analog speaker cabinet simulation for DI via balanced XLR, with switches for level and a choice of speaker centre or edge mic’ing and ground-lift.

There’s also a Solo mode, which can be engaged using an included footswitch, to go between two different volume levels.

Tone King claims the Ironman II stands out from the competition thanks to its two impedance controls - one for the amp input and one for the speaker output - as well as its tuned reactive load and transformer coupled power division circuitry.

Other features include the ability to run as a dummy load, a three-way presence switch, attenuate/bypass switch and line out.

The Ironman II is available now for $795 - see Tone King for more info.

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