This miniature tribute to the Marble Machine X is a mechanical, Meccano-esque synth wonder

Renowned audiovisual artist, Love Hultén, is back again with another beautifully crafted machine that pays homage to Wintergatan's Marble Machine X.

The Swedish craftsman has scaled back this effort, called the MMXS, from Martin Molin's original behemoth, but many of the design cues are still there. Aside from its size, the MMXS also mixes things up with the addition of the Axoloti Core virtual analogue synth as the sound source.

It's not the first time we've seen such exquisite design from Love Hultén, with the artist's penchant for all things retro; we've also been treated to the Carrier37, a Korg Minilogue converted into what is more akin to a Commodore SX-64; the Bivalvia, another Axoloti-powered synth; Mr Typo, a wall-mounted voice synthesizer; Voxarray 61, crafted from ash and sitting on a handmade steel stand.

Yet again, we are left wishing that this would be on general sale, but alas such things are not to be. However, if Kanye West can get his hands on one of Love Hultén's devices then perhaps we can too?

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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