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This eye-catching Strat is built out of 1,200 coloured pencils

We’ve seen the iconic Strat built out of all kinds of materials - cardboard, matchsticks, agave plants - but this is by far the most colourful example we’ve seen: this guitar’s body is composed of an incredible 1,200 coloured pencils.

YouTuber Burls Art is the genius behind the instrument, and put together a video documenting the entire build, starting with assembling the pencils in a box and binding them together with epoxy resin.

After carving out the shape, and routing it for the hardware, electronics and pickups, Burls Art sprays five coats of enamel to keep the finish intact.

The result is one of the most impressive guitar builds we’ve seen in recent years. We think you’ll agree it sounds pretty colourful, too.

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