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This electric guitar is made entirely of matchsticks

We’ve seen electrics build out of cardboard and even agave plants, but the patience and time that went into this guitar built entirely of matchsticks is truly breathtaking.

Assembled by guitar builder Dean Fraser, the Strat-style instrument features 40,000 matchsticks and was assembled over 18 years.

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Most impressively, everything that can be made of matchsticks actually is - that’s the body, neck, pickguard, pickup covers, jack socket, trem cover, switch tip, trem tip and knobs.

It's also completely playable, and "sounds as good as any high-end guitar should do", according to Fraser.

The matchsticks were sourced from 24-hour ration packs and Fraser’s time serving in the British Armed forces as an infantryman, the builder said in a Facebook post.

To see more of the luthier’s work, head over to Fraser Guitars.

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