There’s now a USB-C iLok, meaning one less adapter for MacBook users

iLok USB-C
(Image credit: Pace)

In hot music software licensing/computer connection port news. Pace has announced that a USB-C version of its industry-standard iLok dongle is now available.

With many laptops now offering just USB-C ports - we’re looking at you, MacBook owners - the need for such a thing is obvious, and now it’s here.

Internally, the USB-C version is the same as the third-generation USB-A iLok, so can hold up to 1,500 authorisations. It’s also twice as fast as the second-gen model, and comes in an aluminium case for extra durability.

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iLok USB-C is fully backward compatible with previous versions, and owners also benefit from Zero Downtime (ZDT) protection. This means that, even if your iLok is lost, damaged or stolen, you’ll still have access to your licenses.

“Many people asked for a USB-C version of the iLok, and here it is,” explained Andrew Kirk, Vice President of PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. “More computers are entering the market with USB Type-C ports, and our new iLok USB-C allows users with USB-C ports to use our licensing key without the need of additional adapters.

“Along with our Fusion Anti-Tamper technology, the 3rd generation iLok USB-A and iLok USB-C provide a publisher with the most secure tools in the industry. Period.”

The iLok USB-C is available now priced at $60. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a crossgrade option from the USB-A version, so existing users will have to decide if that’s a price worth paying for the additional convenience it might offer.

Find out more on the iLok website.

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