There’s a complete, free DAW - plus a massive guide to show you how to make a track for free - with the April 2021 issue of Computer Music!

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It’s a very special issue of Computer Music this month as they have a full DAW giveaway in the form of Bitwig Studio 8-Track. It’s all you need to compose and mix your own music right now, and they’ve created a complete 10-page guide to go with it, so you can do just that!

Bitwig Studio comes with all the instruments, effects and tools you need, so whether you are adept at using your current DAW or fresh to music production, it has all you need to either give you a different perspective on music production, or start your music-making journey!

To go with this amazing giveaway, CM have assembled a huge pack of 3.1GB of samples, including two fresh and chilled new packs, some classic reverse samples and all the latest industry demos. 

Make music now!

The CM team of experts has been ultra-busy this month, creating Expert Guides to hone your skills in specific aspects of music production. There’s Scot Solida’s second look at modular sequencing, Dave Clews’s guide to borrowed chords and the guys from Audiotent investigate how to create your own bespoke percussion sounds. They’ve also got a hands-on guide on producing vocals and then creating the best comp from the results. And if you want even more advice from the experts, they have a 10-page masterclass on drum n bass production from Fourward, who dissect one of their own tracks in the magazine and on video. Other stars revealing their studio secrets include Amirali and Parisian producer Uele Lamore.

The gear you need

The April Computer Music has a packed reviews section with IK’s latest AmpliTube, Orchestral Tools’s Modus and Baby Audio’s Spaced Out being just a sprinkling of the new releases on test. They also round up the latest soundware and reveal the Six Best bass plugins, all in the new Computer Music!

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects… image
Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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