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The Wiggle Kit lets you control your vocal effects by moving your hands

Unless you happen to be Liam Gallagher, the chances are that, if you’re a singer, your performance shtick will involve hand movements of some sort. The OWOW Wiggle Kit is a new product that enables you to use these movements to control your vocal effects, and combines an iOS app with a handheld Bluetooth controller.

Once you’re brandishing the controller, you can control up to three effects at the same time by moving the ‘Wiggle’ from left to right, up and down, or in a circular motion. The app contains more than 20 editable vocal effects, and you can pick one for each direction of movement.

The Wiggle Kit can be used with your own mic or the one that’s built into your phone, and its MIDI compatibility means that it’ll also work with your favourite music software.

Find out more on the Wiggle Kit Kickstarter page, where a pledge of €79 will secure you an Early Bird package that, if the project is funded, should see you having one in your hands by Christmas.

Ben Rogerson

I’m the Group Content Manager for MusicRadar, specialising in all things tech. I’ve been playing the piano, gigging in bands and failing to finish tracks at home for more than 30 years, 20 of which I’ve also spent writing about music technology. 

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