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The Super Smash Button lets you bring your fast-fingered arcade skills to your music making

Anyone who experienced the button-bashing joys of Konami’s Track & Field back in the day will appreciate the Super Smash Button, a simple yet potentially useful device that’s described as an Arcade Audio Gate.

There’s not much to explain, really - it’s an audio gate controlled by an oh-so-inviting arcade button - and you can allow any audio signal to pass by bashing it.

The result is that you can trigger the likes of vocals, synths, noise and drones to create rhythmically interesting stutters, melodies and chopped-up beats.

The only other control is a switch, which, when engaged, enables the signal to pass without the button being hammered. The device comes in what’s said to be a strong aluminium enclosure, and the button is designed to stand up to whatever punishment you choose to give it.

The Super Smash Button is available on Tindie priced at $40.

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