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The Roadie 2 tunes your guitar automatically, even in noisy environments

Band Industries has announced the availability of Roadie 2, the second incarnation of its automatic guitar tuner.

The device analyses the vibrations from a picked string to know its current pitch, then the motor rotates the peg until it’s completely in tune - the whole process promises to take just 30 seconds.

Where the Roadie 2 differs from the original is in its onboard OLED screen and knobs, which allow players to quickly switch between open tunings - up to 20 presets can be stored.

It even keeps track of tuning stats and each string’s quality, so you know when to change them out, while an automatic winding feature helps with restringing, too.

Since the device utilises vibrations rather than sound, it can be used to tune up in noisy environments, and could be handy for beginners, too.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Roadie 2 is available now for £114/$129/€139 - see Roadie Tuner for more info.