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The Maker Hart Loop 8 could well be the perfect mixer for all mini-synth owners

Taiwanese company Maker Hart may have just answered the prayers of many a synth owner who is looking for a compact eight-channel desktop mixer, with integrated audio interface.

The Loop 8 builds on the previous model, the Loop 5, and adds extra channels, connectivity and a 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface. 

Its main USP has to be the ‘Loop’ link function, although nothing to do with looping audio, the Loop ins and outs allow you to connect to multiple Loop mixers so you’re able to monitor the mix from other units.

Bluetooth connectivity and a turntable inputs on channels two and three respectively, round up the updated features.

The Loop 8 is available now for $145.99 and you’ll find more info on the Maker Hart website.

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Loop 8 features

  • 48V, 1.5V Phantom / Plug-in power modes : Connectable to 3.5mm condenser microphones, dynamic microphones and electret condenser microphone
  • Turntable Audio Input : Connectable to turntable and support MM phono amplifier
  • USB Audio : 24-bit / 96kHz USB audio module is built-in. On some mobile devices, USB On-the-Go (OTG) is also supported
  • Loop Jack : It’s able to connect multiple Loop 8 and monitor the sound from other Loop 8
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