The Cure debut two new songs and the return of a former member during the first show of their European tour

The Cure
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The Cure opened their mammoth European tour in Latvia on 6 October with a brand new song called Alone. It was later followed by the debut of Endsong, both believed to feature on the band's forthcoming album Songs Of A Lost World

While the future release date for the album is still unknown, a familiar face from the past appeared in the lineup at the show at Arēna Rīga in the form of Perry Bamonte, who previously played keyboards in The Cure between 1990 and 2005.

The typically generous 25-song set also featured the first performance of Trust from the Wish album since 2016.

As for the new compositions, Endsong's lawn drawn out intro and pace recall Disintegration's Plainsong, but with a markedly more desolate mood that affirm's Robert Smith's previous suggestion Songs Of A Lost World is going to reflect the darker side of his sound.


And true to that form, Endsong is another slow, haunting build; Smith's vocals don't begin until over six-minutes into its ten-minutes duration. We're starting to realise why Smith had to dig deep for this album. 

The band will play 22 countries on the tour with 44-dates spanning October, November and December, all with The Twilight Sad supporting. 

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