Yamaha announce FM Essential iOS app and relaunch the MX range

Yamaha has updated its range of MX synths, sporting a new blue livery somewhat reminiscent of the old CS1X and AN1X synths, and introduce the FM Essential iOS app.

The range features two models; 49 or 61 full size keys that connect via USB with PC, Mac or iPad. The latter making way for the new FM Essential iOS app, which features an FM engine with 256 sounds from four operators and ten voices.

Both models still feature the integrated AWM2 engine, with its 1000 preset sounds and 128 voice polyphony and are designed to be at home both in the studio, doubling-up as a master controller, and on the road courtesy of their low-weight (MX49; 3.8kg, MX61; 4.8kg). Plus, there is the added advantage of an optional fitted gig bag.

All host connectivity is 'plug & play', but you will need to source your own USB to Lightning cable, as ever, for hooking up to your iPhone or iPad.

There is currently no news on price, but the MX series with its models MX49 and MX61is available from July 2016, while a limited edition white model will hit the stores a little later in October of 2016.

Yamaha MX features

  • Over 1000 sounds from the MOTIF series
  • Equipped with VCM effects
  • Easy Split /Layer Performance Mode
  • 16-Part Multi timbral and 128-note polyphony
  • Extensive Hands-On controls for VSTs and DAWs
  • Bi-directional USB Audio/MIDI interfacing
  • A complete suite of music production software included
  • A lightweight design with a quality Yamaha keyboard
  • Complete analog and digital connectivity
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