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WusikGrooveBox lets you create beats in your DAW

WusikGrooveBox lets you construct pattern-based songs.
WusikGrooveBox lets you construct pattern-based songs.

Wusik Dot Com has released WusikGrooveBox, a new plug-in that's based on the technology used in the company's Wusikstation wavesequencer/sampler. This is designed to ease the process of beat and grove creation within your DAW.

WusikGrooveBox enables you to construct sequenced patterns, each of which can have up to 64 steps. At the moment, the plug-in ships with just the Drumillenium soundset, but more sets are in development and these will be freely available to registered users.

In addition, WusikGrooveBox features a built-in synth that's powered by the WusikEngine.

WusikGrooveBox is available now for PC priced at $50. You can order it via the Wusik Dot Com website, where you'll also find demo versions, videos and full specs.