Waves Scheps Parallel Particles "attitude shaper" plugin looks like a video game

Waves seems to be taking a 'quirky but simple' approach to some of its recent plugin releases. A couple of weeks ago we had Pusher, Infected Mushroom's "secret mixing sauce" processor, and now the company has collaborated with producer/mixing engineer Andrew Scheps to create Scheps Parallel Particles.

This video game-styled effect promises to capture "Andrew's masterful know-how and vast experience in the form of four easy-to-use controls, each representing one of Andrew's go-to mixing processes."

These controls start with Sub, a harmonic generator that's said to create 'lows' and sub frequencies that weren't there before, and Air, another harmonic generator that focuses on 'air frequencies' and pushes them to the fore. Bite is designed to take care of the attack (and also release) of notes, adding energy and aggression, while Thick adds body, evening things out in the lower mids and midrange.

Curiously, Scheps Parallel Particles isn't billed as a particular type of effect, but Andrew Scheps says that "this plugin is about attitude, energy and emotion. You can find the sound you want without having to figure out which of the traditional tools will get you there. It is as much an attitude shaper as a tone shaper, so you can focus on how you want your tracks to feel."

Scheps Parallel Particles is available now for PC and Mac from the Waves website. The regular price is $129, but you can currently purchase it for $59. A demo can be downloaded, too.

Ben Rogerson

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