Add some "secret mixing sauce" with Waves and Infected Mushroom's Pusher plugin

Following the release of their I Wish granular note freezing plugin in 2015, electronic music duo Infected Mushroom have now collaborated with Waves to create Pusher, a processor that they say delivers their "secret mixing sauce" and "will make almost anything sound better in a matter of seconds".

This is both sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper, and can be used to boost frequencies (you can adjust the low, mid and high bands individually or excite and boost the dynamics of all frequencies at once with the Magic knob), brighten sounds and "master full tracks in any genre or style".

There are additional controls for widening the stereo image of higher frequencies, and for "pushing your mix to the max by clipping or limiting".

"We wanted to combine our mixing and mastering tricks that we've been working on for 20 years into one plugin," say Infected Mushroom. "Pusher will make almost anything sound better in a matter of seconds."

Pusher can be used on individual tracks, busses and full mixes, and is designed to be employed both in the studio and on stage (low-latency operation is promised).

You can find out more about Pusher on the Waves website. It's available now for PC and Mac for the introductory price of $29 (the regular price is $49) and a demo can be downloaded, too.

Ben Rogerson

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