Waves puts five dynamics processors in 'Swiss Army Knife' eMo D5 plugin

Waves has released a wide range of individual dynamics processors down the years, but now it's put five of them into a single plugin that goes by the name of eMo D5.

The five processors - Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor and Limiter - have been packed into what's billed as an easy to use interface, and the plugin is the first to make use of Waves' Parallel Detection technology.

The idea is that each of the give processors responds to both the original signal and the other processed signals simultaneously, enabling users to instantly control the total dynamic change introduced by the different processors.

Additionally, there's a combined gain reduction meter for the Leveler, Compressor and Limiter, making it even easier to monitor and control levels.

Billed as a Swiss Army Knife for dynamics, eMo D5 has a single-page GUI that Waves says will enable you to set up a dynamically-balanced mix with maximum efficiency, saving you the time and bother of opening up and tweaking multiple plugins.

EMO D5 is available now for PC and Mac in all regular plugin formats from the Waves website. The standard price is $299, but you can currently purchase it for $149. A demo is available, too.

Ben Rogerson

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