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Waves adds the ToneCentric harmonic enhancer to the Greg Wells Signature Series

One harmonic knob to rule them all.
One harmonic knob to rule them all.

Waves Audio has added a new member to the Greg Wells signature series, the ToneCentric plugin.

ToneCentric is a harmonic enhancer that's said to add fatness and presence to individual tracks or entire mixes, and is designed for both studio and live situations. As with the rest of the signature series, ToneCentric features a simplistic 'one-knob' interface.

In a bid to emulate the character of such tools as a 1950s mono tube compressor, a tape machine, and even a custom-made vacuum tube console, Greg's aim was to bring the full frequency range to this style of analogue emulation, something he feels has been lacking in other products. "Several plugins do a great job pointing in this direction, but sometimes I find the high end suffers," he says.

On his vision for the plugin, Wells remarks: "I'm always on the hunt for ways to pull more music out of the speakers. You get a beautiful effect when you run audio through healthy vacuum tubes and big transistors wound the right way, and record it to a great tape machine. This plugin is an homage to the great analogue gear that leaves a wonderful sonic footprint on your sound."

Currently, there is no word on price or when Greg Wells ToneCentric will be made available. Keep your eyes peeled on the Waves website for more information.

Waves Greg Wells ToneCentric features

  • Harmonic enhancement plugin
  • Created with producer, songwriter & mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, Mika, Twenty One Pilots)
  • For use in the studio or live
  • User-friendly single-knob control