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Virtual reality sequencing is starting to get real

The future is here and it looks as good as it did in The Lawnmower Man. Except this time there's music to be made.

This video from Sander Peek shows some experimentation with sequencing, using an Oculus Rift CV-1 and the Leap Motion Orion SDK. So far the results look impressive, with Sander commenting that "I am pretty much blown away by the new tracking capabilities of the new Leap Motion Orion SDK."

Virtual Reality is all the rage in gaming circles, but what does it mean for the future of music making? Will the VR helmet and motion sensors eventually replace tangible controllers, or is this just for the adventurous few?

We're pretty sure that, whatever your view, you probably shouldn't be doing it on your way to work, for fear of… well, we'll let you decide.