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VirSyn's VoxSyn iOS app is more flexible than your average vocoder

VirSyn has launched a new voice-controlled synth for iOS called VoxSyn, and it looks to be more than just any old vocoder.

The beauty behind VoxSyn is its flexibility. The app follows even the most subtle pitch and timbral changes in your voice to create, as VirSyn puts it, "signature vocal sounds far beyond traditional vocoding."

Synthesis is taken care of with the onboard TERA engine; however, the sounds are only available as presets, so VirSyn has included a random sound generator to expand the sonic pallette.

VoxSyn is available to buy on the App Store now for £4.99/$6.99 and more information can be found on the VirSyn website.

VirSyn VoxSyn features

  • Voice control of pitch and timbre
  • 22-channel Vocoder
  • Integrated preset synthesizer engine
  • Hundreds of presets included
  • Hi-end Reverb and Chorus/Delay/Distortion/Phaser effects
  • Share/Export of audio recordings
  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI and Background audio
  • Voice control of pitch and timbre
  • Audiobus 2 support (Input/Filter/Output) with state saving
  • Inter App Audio compatible