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Upright piano pair from Vintaudio

Vintaudio has released a virtual acoustic piano collection with a difference. Unlike the majority of its rivals, it emulates upright rather than grand pianos.

The Upright Piano Collection features two plug-ins. The German Upright is based on a brand new piano, while the 1908 Clinton Upright is an older-sounding instrument that's said to be full of character.

Both pianos are sample-based and feature release samples and sustain pedal effect sounds for greater authenticity. Dedicated controls enable you to adjust the levels of these, while you can also tweak the brightness and darkness.

The Upright Piano Collection runs on PC and is VST-compatible. It can be purchased now as a download for $60.

To hear audio examples of both pianos and to learn more about them, head on over to the Vintaudio website.