UPDATE: Reason 6 controller: Nektar Panorama

A new pic of the Reason 6 controller
A new pic of the Reason 6 controller

We saw the neat Nektar Panorama keyboard controller a couple of weeks ago but since then we've managed to find out a little more information and grab hold of a much better pic.

The basic idea of the Panorama is a custom front end controller for Reason 6, based around a MIDI keyboard and plenty of knobs and sliders. It certainly looks fantastic, but there's no word on price or availability yet. Watch this space…

Check out the spec list below along with some words from Nektar Tech.

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Nektar Panorama general specifications

  • 49 note weighted keyboard w/aftertouch
  • Pitch bend + modulation wheels
  • Motorized fader
  • 9 50mm faders
  • 9 encoders above the faders
  • 8 programmable LED buttons
  • Display
  • Additional 8 encoders
  • 12 velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • Navigation and menu buttons
  • Transport control
  • Sustain socket
  • Pedal socket

The whole design is custom for Panorama including the keybed. Our communications protocol that handles interaction with Reason 6 is also custom. The main idea behind Panorama is to complement the computer ,so a user can have immediate access to areas of Reason where tactile control is an advantage without having to reach for the mouse which typically disrupts workflow.

Or to put it in other words: Panorama is first an instrument and gives the user the experience of operating Reason, as if it was hardware.