New Reason 6 controller: Nektar Panorama

Nektar Panorama the ultimate Reason 6 controller
Nektar Panorama: the ultimate Reason 6 controller?

netkar panorama

netkar panorama

Propellerhead may be dipping its toes in hardware waters with the Balance audio interface, but as yet, it hasn't released its own software-specific controller. However, this is precisely what Nektar Technologies is doing with Panorama, a new keyboard that's been "custom designed" for Reason 6.

Rather than splurging all the specs in one go, Nektar is choosing to drip-feed details regarding Panorama, but we can already see that it features knobs, faders, pads and a nice-looking display.

The suggestion is that it puts you in control of all aspects of Reason 6, presumably with minimal setup required.

As yet, the Nektar website only discusses the way that Panorama interacts with Reason's mixer, but we're expecting more information to be forthcoming soon.