This modulation plugin from Dialog Audio wants to talk to your hardware

Dialog Audio has announced the Modulation Processor 3244, a plugin that features three LFOs, two slope generators and four envelope generators, all of which can be synchronised to the host application.

This is the first tool from the developer, which is keen to stress that the MP 3244 is quite unlike any other plugin in existence, serving as a novel way to meet a very specific requirement. "Needing to get a [hardware] filter to modulate synchronised via SysEx from a host application was the basic idea behind its development," divulges company founder Julian McDole.

Modulation Processor 3244 allows for hardware synthesizers and analogue modular systems to be integrated into present-day production environments alongside more modern instruments via various methods.

Synths equipped with MIDI inputs can be modulated via MIDI CC or SysEx messages. The plugin can modulate any analogue synth capable of receiving CV signals using a MIDI-to-CV convertor, or by patching any spare outputs from an audio interface to the synth's CV inputs.

No hardware? No problem
If you're not rolling any outboard gear, then don't worry, as MP 3244 can also modulate soft synths and audio plugins via your host DAW.

Modulation Processor 3244 can be bought directly from Dialog Audio for an introductory promo price of $50(ex. VAT), rising to $65 (ex. VAT). More information can be found on the Dialog Audio website.

Simon Arblaster
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