This handsome nOb can control anything you want

We've seen single-knob controllers before, but none that look quite so deliciously vintage as the nOb, which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

Sitting inside a hand-crafted hardwood mahogany enclosure, the knob in question is made from aluminium and can be used to adjust pretty much any parameter you can tweak with your mouse (though the developer says that this isn't just the same as a mouse scroll wheel).

Two switches enable you to choose the correct mode of operation: you can choose from Stationary or Drag modes (the former being suitable for static controls such as knobs, and the latter designed for movable elements such as faders) and Vertical or Horizontal adjustment. Just hover your mouse pointer over the thing you want to tweak and turn away.

The nOb offers adjustable rotation resistance and is said to be extremely precise, offering up to 2400 tics per revolution. It works over USB and is plug and play, while the 'open serial interface' means that developers can write software to customise its functionality and extend its features.

If you fancy getting hold of a nOb (stop it), head to the Kickstarter page, where a €149 pledge should mean you take delivery of one in August 2016.

Ben Rogerson

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