The Lyra 4 organismic analogue synthesizer is now in production

Soma Laboratory has announced that its Lyra 4 organismic synthesizer has gone into production in possibly one of the more bonkers marketing videos we've ever seen.

We'll leave you to enjoy the full back story in the video above; suffice to say that it goes some way to explaining why there are whales scrawled on the backs of the demoist's hands.

The Lyra 4 is a four-voice analogue synthesizer and, as Soma puts, it: "The term 'organismic' means that all its modules are intertwined by many nonlinear connections and work in an entangled state, modifying each other, much like organs and systems in live beings. That allows for getting complex, diverse, fluid textures from a relatively simple construction."

An eight-voice version has also been announced - called the Lyra-8, naturally - but this has yet to be put into production. Aside from the obvious difference of having double the voices compared to the Lyra-4, the Lyra-8 also includes two delay lines as opposed to Lyra-4's one.

For a full breakdown of the synthesizer's architecture, check out this video, which features a pre-production model of the Lyra-8:

Lyra-4 is available now for €350, whereas the Lyra-8 will be available for €500 once it is ready for production. However, it must be noted that the synths are built to order and there is already a waiting list. Lyra-4 has a waiting time of around three to four months and, for the Lyra-8, you are looking at six to eight months.

For more information, check out the Soma Labs website.

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