The beginners' guide to iPad/iPhone/iPod touch music making

Ho ho ho.
Ho ho ho.

If you're lucky enough to have just been given an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for Christmas, we'll start by saying that you have a spouse/parent/other relative/friend who is far more generous than anyone we know, so even if you've thanked them already, go ahead and do it again.

Festive courtesies out of the way, you now need to think about what you're going to do with that shiny new slab of multitouch delights. On this score, we have but one suggestion: make some music on it.

To help you on your way, here's a list of some of MusicRadar's greatest iOS music making content. With our help, your first track will be finished before the leftover turkey.

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The best iPhone music making apps in the world today
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