Terrence Parker - Life On The Back 9 review

Legendary Detroit house producer Terrence Parker unveils his first solo album for 16 years with Life On The Back 9.

Following on from 1997's Detroit After Dark, the veteran DJ with over 25 years in the industry continues to find a colourful blend of House, Disco, Soul and Deep Trance on Life On The Back 9.

The most obvious element of the album though, is the overwhelmingly positive and uplifting spirit of the record as a whole. Indeed, the title even stems from an analogy which compares life to a game of golf, where you can turn the game around in the final nine holes - a fitting name for an album drenched with such a life-affirming attitude.

Lush keys, classic chords, warm synths, smooth melodies, laidback grooves and big vocal performances all feature heavily as Parker creates a wholly welcoming and easy atmosphere throughout.

It is that ability to add soul and emotion to Dance music that makes Terrence Parker the undisputed bastion of inspirational House music, a term that has never made more sense than it does when used to describe Life On The Back 9.

3.5 out of 5

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