TC-Helicon releases Voice Jam Studio iPad app

TC-Helicon is famous for its hardware vocal processors, and now it's brought its technology to the iPad in the form of the Voice Jam Studio app. This offers 50 effects, a looping studio, audio/video recording and support for MIDI, Inter App Audio, Audiobus and AudioCopy.

The effects palette includes everything from workhorses such as reverb, chorus and delay to 'gender-bending', tuning and doubling processors. The looper enables you to record on four independent tracks that can be synchronised, and it also offers MIDI syncing with other devices. All your performance tweaks are recorded, and you can export to YouTube and SoundCloud.

You can find out more about Voice Jam Studio on the TC-Helicon website, and it's available to buy on the Apple App Store. You can currently have it for the introductory price of £6.99/$9.99, a saving of 50% on the standard price.

TC-Helicon Voice Jam Studio features

  • Pro Vocal Effects from TC-Helicon
  • 4 fully independent stereo loops tracks
  • Up to 8 minutes per loop
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • Performance audio and video recorder
  • Share your music to YouTube
  • Share your music to SoundCloud
  • Audiobus Connectivity
  • Inter-App Audio Connectivity
  • iOS 8 Compatible iPad
  • Some of the same features found in VoiceLive 3
  • MIDI sync support
  • Multiple levels of undo / redo
  • Multiple synchronization and playback modes
  • Audio and visual metronome with stick, kick drum, shaker, tambourine, cowbell sound effects
  • Stereo sound with pan and level control for each track
  • Multitrack audio recorder
  • Gentle to extreme pitch autocorrection
  • Gender bending
  • Micromod choruses & flanges
  • Transducer fx and distortion
  • Independent electronica filters per track
  • Single-tap fade-in/fade-out automation
  • Save your music for later
Ben Rogerson

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