Superbooth16: Has Erica synths launched the cutest modular system yet?

Teeny and tiny.
Teeny and tiny.

Latvian modular maker Erica Synths is set to release a new range of tiny 3HP modules in the aptly named Pico range.

A total of 15 units are on offer, including VCO, envelope generator, sequencer and drum modules. Better still, Erica Synths is also looking to sell them as an entire system.

In just a few months, the Latvian firm has developed the new range, with its chief aim to make it small and affordable. We think the company has achieved that with aplomb. Each diminutive module should retail at around €100, with the system going for about €1000.

Pico range in full:

  • VCO - wavetable VCO with 32 selected waves
  • VCF3 - 24db/oct lowpass filter
  • VCA - either two independent VCAs or stereo
  • Seq - 16 step CV and gate sequencer
  • Input - signal boosting 0-+20/+40db (configurable)
  • Rnd - random source module
  • EG - envelope generator
  • CV mix - three channel DC coupled mixer
  • A mix - three channel AC coupled mixer
  • Atten - dual passive attenuator
  • Multi - two independent active multiples
  • Output - headphone and stereo output
  • Trigg - master clock
  • Drum1 - two independent drums (sample-based)
  • Delay - up to five seconds of delay time


Also making its debut at Superbooth was the new Black Hole DSP module, which offers 'mind blowing sound effects'. The module was designed in collaboration with Kodek and Spin Cad software creator Gary Worsham.

Black Hole features:

  • Spin FV-1 chip
  • 16 unique effects
  • Stereo ins and outs
  • 3 manually controllable parameters
  • CV controlled effect select
  • Manually and CV controllable clock rate
  • Reduction for noisy bitcrush
  • Exchangeable external effects boards
  • Power consumption: +135ma, -31ma
  • Module width: 14HP
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