StringStation: the 40-string precision controller

StringStation: can the dream become a reality?
StringStation: can the dream become a reality?

We've seen some pretty complex and expressive controllers in our time, but even we're slightly taken aback at the levels of ambition shown by Jim Bartz in his StringStation project. In fact, it's so intense that we haven't yet completely grasped what it is and how it works.

The headline is that the StringStation is "an advanced 40-stringed precision controller that brings 3D audio innovations". To expand a little on that last bit, there's "computer-controlled and programmable 3D resonance of 40 strings," which in turn "creates audible sonic fractals". Are you with us so far?

Delve a little deeper and you discover that "Digital Sound Modeling allows layering of natural string tones with custom modelled sound waves," and that the StringStation is "exceptionally sensitive to tactile nuances of human touch".

As you might have guessed, the StringStation is no mass market product; in fact, Jim Bartz is currently looking for funding to take the project beyond the prototype stage and into production. You can find out more about the technology involved and how you can help out on the StringStation website (or, more immediately, in the video above).

(Via Synthtopia)

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