Steve Aoki and RZA lend their trademark sounds to new ROLI sound packs

ROLI has announced new artist sound packs from the likes of Steve Aoki and Wu-Tang Clan's RZA at CES 2017.

The sound packs are available for both the Blocks and Noise platforms. The Neon Future by Steve Aoki and Spoonful of Grit by RZA packs are joined by seven others created by ROLI, including: Giant Dubstep, World Colours, Video Games, and Expressive Electronic.

Roland Lamb, founder and CEO of ROLI and inventor of Blocks had this to say on the announcement: "Blocks and Noise are an incredibly accessible and versatile new way to make music. Since we launched Blocks we've received an outpouring of excitement. But many creators have noted that they need a wider and more diverse sound palette to work with in Noise and Blocs. This release provides just that. I spent several hours on the flight from London to Las Vegas making loops with RZA's and Steve Aoki's sound packs. They are, in a word, awesome."

The collection of nine sound packs are available through the Noise Soundpacks Store with prices starting at £2.99. Some packs are available for free as soon as a Blocks device is registered.

  • RZA's Spoonful of Grit: 3 Drum Kits, 13 presets. £4.99/$6.99
  • Steve Aoki's Neon Future: 16 presets. £4.99/$6.99
  • 5D EDM: 2 Drum Kits, 14 presets. Free when a Block is registered.
  • Giant Dubstep: 2 Drum Kits, 14 presets. Free when a Block is registered.
  • World Colours: 1 Groove Kit, 3 Drum Kits, 12 presets. Free when a Block is registered.
  • Video Games: 3 Drum Kits, 13 presets. Free when a Block is registered.
  • Hybrid Acoustic: 12 presets. £2.99/$3.99
  • Expressive Electronic: 16 presets. £2.99/$3.99
  • Synthetic Leads: 11 presets. £2.99/$3.99

Version 2.2.1 of Noise is available for free from the Apple App Store now. The Blocks are available from the ROLI and Apple websites and Apple Stores worldwide.

Lightpad Block costs £170/$179, while the Live and Loop Blocks are available for £70/$79 each. Find out more on the ROLI website.

Simon Arblaster
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