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Stereo designer: stereo shaper and M/S processor for iPad

Holderness Media has released Stereo Designer, a stereo shaper and M/S processor for iPad. Compatible with both Audiobus and Inter App Audio, this can be used to create wide stereo images, add a stereo effect to a mono sound source, apply mid/side processing, add independent high- and low-pass filters per channel and more.

The app operates in two modes. Perform gives your four XY touch pads that provide low-pass, delay, pan and output gain controls for the left and right channels, while Tweak presents you with sliders and additional effect parameters that enable you to fine-tune your sound.

As well as being Audiobus- and Inter App Audio-compatible, Stereo Designer can also process external audio that you record into your iPad. It's available now on the Apple App Store priced at £1.99/$2.99

A feature list is below, and you can watch an introduction to the app in the video above.

Holderness Media Stereo Designer features

  • Control individual Left/Right channel volume, panning, filter and more.
  • Mid/Side (M/S) processing mode lets you adjust the volume, high and low pass filters for Mid and Side independently.
  • Widen or reduce the stereo width of an input signal.
  • Independent panning position of each channel, allowing for interesting stereo placement.
  • Individual High and Low Pass filter per channel for additional stereo shaping.
  • Phase (polarity) invert Left/Right channels.
  • Isolate the Left or Right channel and manipulate the resulting mono signal.
  • "Stereoize" mono inputs using individual channel delay + High and Low Pass filters.
  • Sum Left and Right channels to mono.