Steinberg unveils six modular CMC Cubase controllers

Steinberg has unveiled a new range of modular Cubase hardware controllers known as the CMC series. There are six products in all, each of which is designed to give you control of a particular part of the company's DAW.

Among the devices are ones that can be used to control Cubase's channel section, transport, Quick Controls and AI Knob, and there's also an MPC-style 4x4 pad matrix for rhythm programming. Click here to take a look at each controller in turn.

You can find out more in the press release below. The Steinberg CMC series is due for release in October, though we're still awaiting pricing details. What's more, we don't yet know how things stand in regard to compatibility with other DAWs.

Steinberg CMC series press release

Steinberg is proud to present a new range of USB controllers that can be individually combined to form a custom-made Cubase control system. Comprising six slim yet powerful units, the CMC series has all the control options you're looking for — whether you are recording, editing and mixing music, creating beats or performing live. Each of the six slim-sized controllers is unique in its own way and features a dedicated set of rotary encoders, touch faders or pads designed to take hands-on control of a specific section in Cubase.

CMC models at a glance:

  • CMC-CH is the hardware equivalent of the eminently powerful Cubase channel section and brings hands-on access to all channel-related functions.
  • CMC-FD carries four newly developed, high resolution touch faders that provide precision control over four Cubase channels at the same time, including solo/mute and metering.
  • CMC-TP provides instant access to the Cubase transport section, featuring dedicated buttons and an innovative, multi-purpose touch slider for convenient DAW control.
  • CMC-PD houses a MPC-style 4x4 pad matrix, which makes it the ultimate controller for creating dynamic grooves and natural percussion patterns.
  • CMC-QC brings the powerful Cubase Quick Controls to your fingertips and provides precise tactile control over the Cubase Channel EQ and external MIDI devices.
  • CMC-AI features Steinberg's groundbreaking AI Knob and is a truly versatile and time-saving addition to any Cubase system.

Best of all, with the included joint plate, up to nine CMC units can be combined to design a personal controller system. For even more flexibility, you can use the PD, FD or any other CMC model together with Steinberg's CC121 Advanced Integration controller. And the optionally available, beautifully crafted frames provide a convenient way to safely mount your units.

Perfect ergonomics, instant plug-and-play compatibility with Cubase and user-assignable functions make the CMC series the ultimate choice for any serious Cubase user — so get in touch, take control and stay flexible.*

Ben Rogerson
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