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Steinberg releases Padshop Pro and Retrologue, two new plug-in synths

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Padshop Pro: a pro version of Padshop.

Padshop Pro: a pro version of Padshop.

Steinberg Padshop Pro

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Steinberg Retrologue

Steinberg has bolstered its line-up of plug-in synths with the releases of Retrologue and Padshop Pro.

Introduced as part of the Cubase 6.5 update, Retrologue is a virtual analogue instrument that boasts two multi-oscillators, a sub- and noise-oscillator, 12 filter types and an FX section. This is now available on its own as a VST/AU plug-in and costs £42.34/€49.99.

Padshop Pro, meanwhile, is an expanded version of Padshop, the granular synth that Steinberg released earlier in the year. This adds a drag and drop sample import function, a 3-band parametric EQ, an algorithmic reverb and 50 new presets.

This costs £67.76/€79.99, and also includes the Zero Gravity instrument set, which adds 250 presets and 150 new samples. The upgrade to Padshop Pro from Padshop costs £29.64; this includes Zero Gravity, too. You'll pay £25.40/€29.99 to buy Zero Gravity on its own.