Steinberg debuts C12 software/hardware studio

Has Steinberg been taking design cues from the Commodore 64?
Has Steinberg been taking design cues from the Commodore 64?

PRESS RELEASE: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is proud to announce the CI2 Advanced Integration USB Studio. High quality audio hardware offering both recording and controller features combines with the included Cubase AI 5 and Advanced Integration technology to offer a complete production solution engineered specifically for newcomers and mobile production environments.

With many workflow enhancements to support first-time producers and songwriters, CI2 costs €229.00/£191.00 and will ship to Steinberg resellers worldwide from the end of September 2009*.

"CI2 offers so much at a really great price that it makes you realise just how far music technology has come," comments Stefan Schreiber, Steinberg's Product Marketing Manager for Hardware. "To start with, CI2 is a unique combination of a great audio interface with two preamps, a controller in the shape of the AI Knob and the Cubase AI 5 software. But it's also been designed to integrate seamlessly as one system, with a lot of smart features that support first-time producers, songwriters and guitarists in creating their first tracks, such as Interactive Recording, browsing sounds in Cubase from CI2, complete plug and play, the Project Assistant and much more. It's an audio interface, controller and production software all in one package - but designed to be effortlessly easy to use," Schreiber explains.

The CI2 USB audio interface features two mic preamps with XLR/TRS combo connectors and 48v phantom power as well as a Hi-Z input, allowing connection to just about any audio signal, including large diaphragm microphones, guitars, basses and line inputs. Designed in cooperation with and built by Yamaha, CI2 also offers the AI Knob controller, which assumes control of any parameter by simply hovering over it with the mouse. Another example of the Advanced Integration technology is the "Cubase Ready LED", indicating that Cubase is connected and the system is ready to use. "The Advanced Integration technology combines the audio recording and controller features with the included Cubase AI 5 to form one recording system that is as powerful as it is portable," Schreiber explains. "It's a unique combination you just can't find anywhere else at this price point."

CI2 also features many workflow features designed to make the entire hardware and software system very easy to use. The AI Knob controller becomes a sound browser with a single push, and is integrated into browser windows in Cubase to find the right instrument sound or loop more quickly by scrolling through and (de)selecting entries in the sound browser windows. Interactive Recording mode uses the optionally available footswitch for hands-free recording, ideal for guitarists and vocalists recording their own performances. The Project Assistant is a new Cubase AI 5 feature that offers a large range of templates for many production tasks and genres, allowing for setup of new projects in seconds. Highlighting ease-of-use and intuitiveness as one of the major design goals for CI2, Schreiber comments: "These features have one purpose: to simplify recording and production, reflecting the uncompromising focus on supporting newcomers to digital music production."

The included Cubase AI 5 is a streamlined version of Steinberg's highly successful Cubase 5, with audio technology found in countless professional production environments worldwide. Cubase AI 5 offers up to 48 audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks, a range of audio and MIDI plug-ins including a new version of the AmpSimulator plug-in for guitarists, virtual instruments, editing features, comprehensive automation and much more. As with all Cubase and Steinberg hardware products, CI2 supports both Windows and Mac OS X.

*Suggested Retail Price, pricing and exact time of availability may vary regionally.

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